What’s the difference between Taekwondo vs. Karate?
Taekwondo emphasizes kicking techniques, while Karate focuses on hand strikes. Karate = Okinawa, Japan (with roots from hand fighting in China). The specific postures, stances, and movements differ significantly between Taekwondo and Karate.

What are the benefit of Martial Arts?
Great question! Our child and teen students gain increased confidence, improved discipline, better behavior, more focus in school, and improved physical health!
Our adult students also experience increased confidence, improved physical health, weight loss, improved muscle tone, more awareness about personal safety!
Every student gets the opportunity to set and achieve goals, challenge themselves mentally and physically, and reach new belt levels in our program!

How Long does it take to earn black belt?
Earning a black belt requires patience and dedication and the time it will take you to achieve will depend on how much you come to class and how you progress through the curriculum. Our instructors will be watching watching your weekly and monthly performance and will assess your readiness to advance through our black belt curriculum based on you performing at your personal best. All students progress through the program at their own pace, but on average, a black belt can be earned in 36 months, assuming you’re coming to class and giving it your all.

Does Martial Arts help with ADD and ADHD?
Definitely! Studies have shown that children who actively participate in individualized sports like martial arts, will develop more focus and patience while burning a ton of energy!

At what age can child start TaeKwonDo?
Our experience has shown that children ages four and up will be able to take the greatest advantage from Tae Kwon Do classes. Starting at age four, children are eligible to participate in our trial program, which allows our instructors to work with them one on one and evaluate their readiness for group classes. Our staff will then use their experience to recommend the best course of action for you to take with your child.

Will Student be more aggressive?
Absolutely not! All children are taught from the first lesson that a true “Tae Kwon Do kid” never misuses their martial arts skills. Throughout their training students are reminded that being physically and mentally tough doesn’t allow one to be tough with others. Instead, Tae Kwon Do students are expected to be humble, courteous, respectful and careful about when and where they practice their skills. The instructors at Master Kim’s continuously remind students that Tae Kwon Do is a form of exercise and self improvement not a tool for bullying.

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